Name: Dameyan Jackson 

Alias/Artist Name:D-Life

Born June 16, 1985

Birth Place Bessemer, Alabama

Music Genre: Hip Hop & Underground Rap


Born in a small city outside of Birmingham, Alabama a young star was born. From an early age D-life knew he had a love for music. From the classic funk of George Clinton to the sultry Blues of BB King no sound was to bold or soft it was all music. His fondest memories of music come from watching his mother every Saturday morning play her old records as she cleaned the house. A star athlete in high school playing baseball and football his true passion always remained music. 

After his parents died when he was only 17 the streets became his family. As some inner city black youth due seeking a family, he became mixed in with the gang culture and started down the wrong path. From constant run ins with the law due to selling illicit drugs he quickly became part of the ever growing penal system.

After a small stint behind bars D-Life chose to change his path and rekindled his love for music. He became a local sensation in his hometown with such hits as "Lord Knows" and "Gold Club". By the age of 21 He was ready for the Motown of the south Atlanta, Ga. since that time he has worked with major artist such as Life Jennings, T-Pain, Bone Crusher and CooCoo Cal to name a few. 

He has released over 7 mix tapes including 3 with the help of his own group A.D.B (A Different Breed) an also pinned out his self-titled album not yet released "Life Story". So be on the lookout for as he calls it the "hottest thang out with no deal". As he lights up the music world by storm with his gritty voice reminiscent of Scarface with a twist of 2Pac giving his music life with the art of storytelling.

In my opinion D-Life is a coach’s dream, because he’s humble and coachable. 

That’s why he’s our lead off HITTER!!!


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